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Doctors & Staff

Meet the experienced and friendly doctors and staff who make Riemer Eyecare the leading provider of vision care products and services in Portland.

Dr. RandelRandall J Riemer, OD

Dr. Randall Riemer has had a passion for eye care most of his life. His personal struggle with a lazy eye introduced him to the field of optometry at the age of five. He later took the advice of his Great Aunt Martha to seek a career in optometry during a career class in 9th grade. At that point, he committed himself to an education that would allow him to serve the eye care needs of those around him.

After graduating from Ludington High School, he went on to complete both his undergraduate and graduate studies at Ferris State University, which houses the prestigious Michigan College of Optometry. In 1984 he graduated, with High Honors, earning his Doctor of Optometry Degree. Dr Riemer then spent six years in Grand Rapids honing his skill as a contact lens specialist before moving to Portland in 1990.

Since then, he has continued to commit significant time for additional training and education to become an expert in other areas, such as the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, child eye care, and Computer Vision Syndrome.

He is a member of the American Optometric Association, the Michigan Optometric Association, the nationally recognized Vision Source! Group, and the Portland Area Chamber of Commerce.

The only things more important to Dr. Riemer are living for Jesus Christ, and serving his family, which includes his wife, Cheri, and son, Cameron.


Expert Optician

Jeff has been trained to assist you in many areas, but his primary position is being your expert consultant and advisor for eyeglass purchases and maintenance. Jeff has over 20 years experience and training in the optical field. All you need to do is show up with a need and he will do the rest. Eyeglass purchasing has never been easier or more gratifying. He also has the magic touch to make those fitting problems disappear.


Clinical Technician and Insurance Coordinator

Kim is trained to assist you in many areas, however, her primary position is two fold:

You will first see her as the clinical technician collecting important information and data so Dr. Riemer can best serve your eye care needs.

Secondly, Kim provides you with insurance billing at its best. Most of this work is done behind the scenes and is easily taken for granted. However, she applies her skill and training in this area to maximize your insurance benefits. She will be your greatest ally if you ever have insurance “issues”.


Receptionist and Office Assistant

Carrie has been trained to assist you in many ways, but her primary task so to make your visit most enjoyable. She will manage all your needs at the reception desk; from welcoming you to the office, assisting you with the paperwork, reviewing all your services and helping you check out quickly and easily. If you have a question, ask Carrie.